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Mr. Birdie Productions believes Brand Photography is a valuable part of branding for any business. It allows businesses to represent their products, services and values in an engaging and professional way.

Quality photos can help create long-lasting impressions that can convince potential customers, partners and other stakeholders of the value of their brand.

We are able to capture special moments with skill and creativity, creating visuals that truly reflect the company’s branding message. Brand photography is therefore an excellent investment, one which will continue to draw in new customers in the long-term.


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Videography Services

Recording and Editing

With high-quality, professional recording and editing capabilities, Mr. Birdie offers filming services that can ensure the best possible results. Capturing those special moments – whether it be a wedding ceremony, baby shower, graduation announcement, or other celebratory event – on film is the perfect way to add emotion that still photographs just don’t convey.

YouTube Services

We provide industry professionals with expertise in audio and video production for seminars, corporate training videos and promotional materials. No matter what your needs are for video services, we can help you achieve your desired result.

Real Estate Videography

In the competitive real estate market, quality footage can help you stand out from the competition and attract investors from all over the world. Real estate videography offers a way to console potential buyers who may be unable to travel or may feel uneasy about visiting properties during these uncertain times.

Drone Videography

Drone Videography has revolutionized the way we capture visuals, giving filmmakers unlimited angles and heights to work with. In some cases it has completely changed how we view location shooting and what is possible.

From breathtaking mountain vistas to awe-inspiring cities at night, drone filming allows us to capture our world in a way never imaginable before. Not only do they open up wide expanses of landscape and geography, but they can be utilized for close ups as well, in sports and events that would otherwise incur huge cost for traditional filming methods.

With this technology growing by leaps and bounds each day, the possibilities are limitless when it comes to drone filming cinematography.

High Quality Equipment

For The Best Results


In today’s digital media landscape, filming services have instituted themselves as a major player. Professional-grade filming can help to make even the most modest of productions look stunning, with high definition visuals that seem to leap out of the frame.

With decades of expertise in the field and access to innovative tech, Mr. Birdie Production understands exactly how to capture the scene at hand, whether it be an action sequence or a romantic drama.

From scripting and pre-production right through to post-production editing and tweaks, we will be there every step of the way.

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